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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

(K.E.E.S) installs and maintain  industrial machines .There are many industrial sites where management are   unaware that their existing 3 phase systems are perhaps old, possibly overloaded and not to current regulations.(K.E.E.S ) installs panel boards, busbars, trunking  and all types of 3 phase installations.

Companies when they expand they keep on adding to their existing installations, often overlooking that they could be creating an overloading situation which would lead to failure in major downtime in the future.


  • 3 phase Electrical Installation and Maintenance.
  • Cable Tray Work.
  • Emergence Lightning.
  • Periodic Inspection and Test Reports.
  • Machine Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
  • Overhead Line Construction.

  • Electric Motor Rewinding.

  • Generator Installation and Maintenance.

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